Training events: TICME - Silk Conference 2019

The registration to the 2019 TICME/Silk Conference is open. 

The conference will discuss Silk-related topics, from the points of view of different disciplines.

Researchers and students interested in participating can submit their application through the website before 29 March 2019.

For information contact:

Secondment stories: from Trento to Bangkok and back

8 October 2018

We are happy to share the stories of some of our researchers who had the opportunity to be seconded to some of REMIX’ partner universities. This first story brings us to Thailand and back: first Rosasilvia Raggio, one of the PhD students of Unitn travelled to Bangkok for a period of research at Chulalongkorn University. There, she met two fellow researchers – Paramaporn and Rungnapha – who later came to Trento in their turn.

In Spring 2018, during the last year of my PhD program at the BIOtech Research Center of the University of Trento (Italy), I participated as an ESR Researcher to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie action named REMIX. The destination chosen for my project was Thailand, where I went for three months to work with silk biomaterials in the laboratory of Professor Sorada Kanokpanont, at the Chemical Engineering Department of Chulalongkorn University.

On a snowy day of March I departed from Trento and its mountains, and 14 hours later I was in Bangkok, with 30°C and many people, buildings and cars all around me. The day after my arrival I visited my new department inside the university campus, which occupies a huge area in the center of the city and is full of exotic plants and coloured gardens. The members of the laboratory immediately created a nice and friendly working environment and helped me to start and conduct my project.

We had stimulating discussions on our scientific activities, and I really appreciated their ability to collaborate in running the lab and designing experiments. My colleagues also introduced me to the Thai culture, so new to me, starting from one of its pillars: the food. We tried many delicious dishes, delicacies, sweets and fruits, and not only in restaurants but also in street and floating markets, where we could buy our grilled fishes directly from the boats of Bangkok’s canals. I had the possibility to visit some of the many magnificent temples of the city and I explored the different districts, thus getting closer to and appreciating Thai people habits and traditions.

Even if it only lasted three months, when I left Thailand I felt that my period there had been intense and absolutely fulfilling, both for the scientific and for the human experience.

I am Paramaporn Sahapaiboonkit, my nickname is Pun. My friend Rungnapha Yamdech (nicknamed Rung) and me are research assistant from the Biomedical engineering Department of Chulalongkorn university, Bangkok. We received the Remix scholarship and came to Trento to do research at Biotech laboratory for 6 months. Our field of research is biomedical materials for tissue engineering. More specifically, I fabricate porous microspheres from Thai silk fibroin and type A gelatin by water-in-oil emulsion technique for cell carrier.

Rung, instead, prepares small particles from Thai silk fibroin, alginate, beta-tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatide by syringe pump for non-weight bearing bone regeneration.

This is the our first time in Europe and so far we’re having a wonderful experience. We live in the student residence of the University of Trento: it is a nice place, the environment is quiet, safe and beautiful view (We got the mountain view room similar to a five-star hotel!).

Every day we take the bus and walk a bit to reach the laboratory. We prepared Thai food for lunch and share it with our friends, and through the food we share knowledge and culture. Italian people are nice, and we have made very good friends. They help us and give us advice with many things, such as documentation, travelling. Chulalongkorn’s Laboratory and Biotech have the same objective but the system of laboratory is different.

For example, in Biotech, we have to write the plan of the experiment and send it to the professor for approval before starting the experiment. We’ve learned several new things, because Biotech has many more instruments more than our laboratory. Furthermore, we have traveled to many places in Italy, the country that everyone dreams of. Italy has much art, architecture and some of the most important places in the world. We can travel anywhere by train and bus and it is very convenient.

Italy is giving us some the best memory of our life that we can not forget it, thank you.

TERM Summer School

23 June 2018

The Comprehensive Summer School on Tissue Engineering, supported by REMIX, took place in Trento from 18 to 23 June 2018. The school has seen the contribution of lecturers hailing from some of the main TERM research centers in Europe and beyond, with the participation of 50 students.

Coincidently with the school, the Steering Committee meeting of REMIX has been held and the partners have decided that the next School will be held in January 2019 at Chulalongkorn University, in Bangkok (Thailand).