University of Trento

Located in the splendid scenario of Alps the University of Trento is among the 225 best universities in the world and first Italian university -over 15 considered- in the Universities' global ranking published by THE - Times Higher Education. The University of Trento (Italy) is a young, medium sized University located in the Alps of Northeast Italy, close to the border with Austria.

The University of Trento aims at academic and life-style excellence in a human-scale city offering outstanding services and quality of life. Trento international standards, increasing over the years, create a solid policy basis and links with the local administrations and the territory, resulting in enhanced services to its students and to the academic community.

The result is a wide range of excellent courses, supported by a high-level scientific research profile and by international academic and industrial cooperations with relevant achievements at international level.

Being a relatively small University and thanks to the Opera Universitaria, the University of Trento offers its members a very attractive package of services. Among the University strengths is its outstanding international character and a number of cooperation bonds and projects with universities in all Continents which open up several opportunities to study and work abroad, while the community of international lecturers in Trento fosters an on going and effective dialogue with the territory.

Educating young professionals, giving them sound preparation, maturity and awareness of skills and requirements needed by the global job market, is a goal that the University of Trento pursues every single day, in the belief that its most relevant responsibility– and indeed the duty of all universities – is to contribute to development and innovation of the territory they belong in a worldwide boundless scenario


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