Creation of 3D Models

Documentation and research techniques in the field of Cultural Heritage and specifically in Archaeology are in continuous development, following the technological evolution that offers new tools and applications. Sometimes these developments can even change techniques of gathering information and the very approach to documentation.

The Bagolini Laboratory is equipped with the most modern hardware and software technologies for the processing and management of three-dimensional models using photogrammetry techniques for the virtual reconstruction of small objects but also of large artefacts, such as the historiated slab of Pianaùra (Massone di Arco, Trento). Data acquisition in the field is carried out using professional (full frame) or semi-professional (reflex) cameras. The images thus acquired are processed using the Structure From Motion (SFM) technique with the aid of specific software (Agisoft Photoscan, Meshlab, CloudCompare). The 3D models obtained are further modified in Blender.

The 3D models integrate the digital documentation of the archaeological excavation and that coming from prospecting (survey), allow the virtual reproduction of sites, structures and artefacts and enable their interactive use, not only for research, but also for dissemination and teaching, as well as for online virtualisation.