Multiple Object Processing in the Lifespan


Simultaneous processing of multiple relevant objects is a fundamental activity for a coherent perception of the world, as well as for an efficient interaction with it. In this project, we investigate what the core components (e.g., attentive individuation, active maintenance of the elements) for an efficient multiple object processing. 

Moreover, we evaluate whether and how multiple object processing and its subcomponents are modified by healthy and pathological aging. So far, we have focused on EEG and behavioral measures during enumeration tasks.  


Selected publications

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Related Grants

  • Giovani Ricercatori, Italian Ministry of Health, 2012-2016 (P.I. Veronica Mazza). “Brain and cognitive dynamics of multiple-object processing in normal aging, MCI and Alzheimer disease”.
  • ITPAR (India-Trento Program for Advanced Research). 2018-present (co-P.I. for the UniTN Neuroscience area: Veronica Mazza).