Brain stimulation and Memory Strategies


We are interested in teasing apart whether tDCS affects working memory capacity and/or strategic attitudes in young and older individuals. We use non-invasive brain stimulation, behavioral measures and EEG to find markers of the effectiveness of combined working memory and tDCS training.



Researchers involved:

Bernardo Villa Sánchez, Sara Assecondi, Veronica Mazza


Selected publication: 

Assecondi, S., Hu, R., Eskes, G., Pan, X., Zhou, J., & Shapiro, K. (2021). Impact of tDCS on working memory training is enhanced by strategy instructions in individuals with low working memory capacity. Scientific Reports11(1), 5531.



The study is part of the project "Strategie per migliorare la cognizione negli anziani",  funded by Fondazione Caritro. The study is also part of RARE-Net, University of Trento.