Veronica Mazza

Veronica Mazza


She is the principal investigator of the Attention, Perception and Aging Group, and an associate professor at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC).

Her research interests are primarily focused on how the visual system selectively individuates and identifies the relevant objects presented in a cluttered scene.

She addresses this question through electrophysiological and behavioral measures in young and older adults.

At CIMeC, she is also the coordinator of the Experimental Psychology Labs (EPL), and the vice-coordinator of the PhD program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences.   

Chiara Tagliabue

Chiara Tagliabue


She is a post-doctoral fellow in the Attention, Perception and Aging Group, where her current research activity mainly focuses on cognitive aging.

To this aim, she is investigating the effects of aging on multiple object processing and the possibility to train such ability, using both behavioral and electrophysiological measures (i.e. ERPs, brain oscillations).

She completed her PhD at University of Verona, where she studied the neural bases of visual perception and awareness in both healthy participants and hemianopic patients.

She is also collaborating in a project employing multi-domain cognitive trainings addressed to healthy elderly.

Joseph Gabriele

Joseph Gabriele


He is a bachelor research assistant. His main interests are the study of consciousness and its neural substrates, and the employment of attentional resources in cognitive tasks.

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