Val di Sole, Ortisé e Menas (TN)

The study area of the ALPES project corresponds to the pastures of Ortisé and Menas, two hamlets located on the Northern slope of Val di Sole (Municipality of Mezzana – TN). Conifer forests stretch above these hamlets, up to 2000 m of elevation; upslope, wide alpine pastures enfold the foot of Cima Mezzana.


A series of basins and valleys, extending between 1800 and 2500 m, characterise this area (from West to East: Le Pozze, Valenaia, Val Molinac, Val Poré, Val Casina, Camocina). So far, the projects has focused on Val Molinac and Val Poré. These two valleys are crossed from North to South, respectively, by rio Valletta and rio Pontel, which flow into the stream Noce.


Historical and current settlement patterns are vertically arranged. Permanent settlements seat in the valley bottom (like Mezzana, around 950 m of elevation) or in mid-slope terraces (like Ortisé and Menas, nearly 1500 m). Above these villages, and up to 2100 m, there are only “masi” and “malghe”, farming and pastoral structures still in use during the summer – at higher elevation, pastures and the archaeological structures studied by the ALPES project.