Val Molinac and Val Poré are located in the alpine-subalpine zone, characterised by climatic conditions that limit their occupation to the summer period: cold climate (the mean annual temperature is close to zero), mean annual precipitation around 1000 mm, several frost days and considerable snowing.


Local bedrock is metamorphic, mainly gneiss belonging to the Austroalpine geological domain.


From a morphological point of view, the relief of the valleys is similar: glacial, periglacial and slope morphologies, contrasted by alluvial and lacustrine or peat-bog deposits in depressed areas. Rock-glaciers, large accumulations of rock debris typical of the high-mountains, are among the most remarkable landforms of these upland valleys.


Local vegetation is typical of alpine tundra and pastures above the conifer forest (with larch and spruce). Conifers are progressively recolonising the lower pastures, which are the product of long-term antropogenic wood clearance.